Exercises to lose weight stomach and hips

In modern society the reference point of the beauty of a woman is a slim figure. What to do if the skirt favorite too tight in the waist, and jeans at the betrayal swell fat on the hips?

exercise for weight loss

We need to understand where that will remove the deposits of fat just on your stomach or on the hips with the help of special exercises does not work. It will be necessary, such as regular physical activity, and adherence to a special diet to maintain the body in good physical shape.

Alas, folds the hated fat on the stomach, occur in silence and in a hurry, and if they are happy and reluctantly. That's why we have prepared professional, exercises to lose weight stomach and hips! They will help you to reach your goal – to get rid of excess weight!

A detailed guide to get rid of excess fat

Then, the time has come to gather your forces together, fold the laziness and start working on his figure. Physical exercise — the best cure for fat!

Exercises to burn fat and lose weight in the abdomen at home, you need to do regularly. Its constant exercise visible damage, a positive result for the weight loss in the abdominal area. The effectiveness of exercises aimed at burning belly fat depends on regularity and your strength of will.

But as it will be happy then, when control measures will be pleasantly surprised by the results weight loss and the reduction of the volume of the stomach for a week.

The council!!! For slimming the abdomen and hips it is important to use the exercises just for women, as in the males, obesity occurs for a different type.

Move more!

Women will always move more men, but this does not detract from the lessons, aimed at the reduction of the fat on the belly. Bosu exercise does not require a lot of time, but to get rid of fat accumulation on the belly exactly where it is needed.

Effective physical exercises for weight loss belly and sides provide for active movement, why not move the lazy, move more!

Necessarily eat with wisdom!

In the period of training, to correct and qualitatively to eat. Any physical activity if wrong diet will be useless to lose weight, do not succeed! To be able to know that it's not worth to consume, we will give you some important advice in the next chapter.

The food products during weight loss is necessary to choose with care, but it is important to start changing your diet. Just completely changing your diet, you can't die of hunger, and in this case, allows to reduce the weight.

  1. Abbiategrasso courage, and delete it, or attempt to reduce to a minimum, in the diet of carbohydrates fast (sweet and flour, in the first place).
  2. It is necessary to limit the consumption of salt promotes the formation of an excess of water in the body (edema).
  3. Reduce the portions up to 200 g, to eat more often, at least 4-6 times per day.
  4. Make sure to drink a day for at least 2 liters of clean water. Water plays an important role in the metabolism and promotes weight loss of the body as a whole, including the area of the belly and hips.
  5. Give up fat varieties of meat and fish, give preference to low-fat variety of meats: poultry, beef, rabbit. The fish that is most suitable plaice, hake, cod.
  6. Cooking, better steamed, baked, or simply cooked.
  7. Refrain from fast food!
how to lose weight in the abdomen

Guidelines for the execution of exercises for abdominal muscles at home

  1. An important moment in the formation is the choice of time, it is not possible to start the charging and exercises for the belly after meals. Try to begin exercise on an empty stomach, once after sleep, or after 3 hours after a meal. Just at this moment, the body the more active it is configured to burn fat.
  2. During the morning exercises, in the exercises to lose weight stomach and hips do not use sports equipment to weigh. The application of these projectiles leads to an increase in muscle mass in problem areas, and visual perception increased volume.
  3. The main condition to obtain weight loss results belly and hips is the regularity of the lessons. How often and long I'll be casting training – decide for yourself, the important thing is to respect the graphic design of each and every day. Swing laziness and to avoid long periods of lessons. The exercises should give pleasure and a feeling of slight tiredness.
  4. Exercises for weight loss belly and hips it is necessary to alternate with exercises leg slimming, nordic walking and regular rides.
  5. Begin the exercises for slimming the abdomen and hips, is necessary for a warm-up. During the warm-up to warm up the muscles, accelerates the circulation of blood in the body, increasing the amplitude of joint movements. Thanks to this perceived injury.
  6. Those women, who is determined to bring a form of order, it is necessary to know which exercise to do during the recharge time to remove the fat on the belly and on your hips. Here in this article we present the most common options for workouts, but if possible, it would be appropriate to receive the advice of a professional technician.
  7. To achieve a result in weight loss of the abdomen, hips, it is sufficient to select the complex of 5 uprajnenii run them, alternately, in three series of each exercise, repeated at least 30 times 3 — 4 times a week. During the sports activity, attention to my feelings and heart rate. Do not overdo!

The execution plan

Study at home must be properly and don't skip the lessons, may take into accomplices of the children, it will be fun to do close to mom. Together with the good mood, do exercises for slimming the abdomen, hips, thighs and hips, and the result will not be worse when you're working in a room with the coach. Above all, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Start the workout with an easy workout for the whole body, well-executed movement in the shoulder joint, the joints of the hands, hip and legs, you can dance to your favorite music.
  2. The next step in the harmonious body follow effective exercises for weight loss belly and hips, are simple exercises such as steep slopes. The slopes go for 10-15 times, back and forth, then to the right and to the left. Try to pull the muscles, trying to get the toes.
  3. A convenient way to slimming abdomen and sides of the house is an exercise with the circle. To increase the effect, the purchase of a circle with jacuzzi jets. During the rotation of the casing in life intensifies the work of the abdominal muscles, thighs, back, buttocks and legs. In the exercise with the circle to burn more calories, which leads actively the weight loss.
  4. Do not forget to squat, this exercise is the muscles of the press in the abdomen, buttocks and legs, and promotes their weight loss.
running for weight loss

The most effective strengthening exercises for slimming the abdomen and hips — in a supine position on the floor. Proceed to the classic exercises for quick and effective weight loss (is a variety of mahi hands and feet, it transforms the body in a supine position). All of the people with different physical preparation and we have to reasonably approach the held load, especially with regard to the exercises for slimming the abdomen.

Let's take a closer look at 10 simple exercises for weight loss belly and flanks at home. These courses are suitable for beginners, enthusiasts, and amateurs of workouts at home to fight with accumulations of fat in the abdominal area.

Cardio exercises for belly

Cardio-training (aerobic training) is a combination of specific exercises designed to increase the heart rate and blood flow increase in a lot of time. When you exercising around the cardiovascular system. Cardio exercises prepare the heart to more serious-loads, and necessarily come into operation for the belly, reduce fat on the thighs and the training of the muscles of the legs. During effective cardio exercises for weight loss belly and hips, it is necessary to measure regularly the wrist (better to use a heart rate monitor).

Cardio training are the most effective exercises in the complex, especially for weight loss abdomen and hips, as well as active, burn calories, and therefore fat reduction.

Attention! We consider three simple exercises for a quick “pumping” newspapers and on the sides.



Exercises The action Live
Every day Lie on your back on the floor with the legs outstretched. Lift the upper part of the body of the body is the bottom of the feet, the hands are fixed behind his head. We do 3-5 approaches up to 15 lifts for each. You need to rest between approaches-not less than 30 seconds. Reinforcement aerobics to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. Less than 2-3 kg in a month
Every day Lying on the floor, raise your legs at a right angle. During the lifts, the feet on the floor put not. Do 10 climbs of the 4-5 approach.

Rest between sets not less than 30 seconds.

Happens exercise the abdominal muscles, abdomen, back, hips. Less than 2-4 kg. per month
A couple of times a day Highly strive the muscles of the stomach, as if you pull and hold, voltage up to 10-15 seconds. Then we relax. Perform these exercises can be up to 5 times for the approach. Effective exercise for the abdominal muscles, strengthens the abdominal muscles, to have a good result on weight loss hips. Less than 1-2 kg in a month

These courses won't take much time, at all times have been the most simple and effective in the fight against overweight and have flat tummy.

Regular light workout aimed at weight loss all over the body and in particular of the belly that would be impossible without adjustments to the power supply, to reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Reduction of the caloric content of the food has a lot of great help to the effectiveness of weight loss belly.

exercises at home

Morning exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles is only 8-10 minutes and will give you a good mood. Simple exercises for slimming the abdomen actually work, the belly becomes flatter, and boca go.

Exercises for the muscles of the belly on the back

At the end of a rapid loss of weight, all the exercises in the supine position, should be made on the appropriate sports carpet, it softens tremors, and leave oblivious to the injury. Initially warm up for 5 minutes, warm up and stretch the muscles.


The exercise “Bicycle” simulates a bike ride. This is the best exercise for weight loss belly, hips and thighs.

Take starting position: lying on your back, bend your knees, keep the heels as close as possible to the pelvis, the hands, the divorced and keep your elbows behind the head.

Slowly lift your shoulders from the floor, stretching when the muscles of the abdomen. Pull one leg under a corner of 45 degrees with respect to the floor, and also drag and drop the opposite shoulder to the knee bent legs. Then, without interruption, repeat gymnastics with the other leg. The movement of the legs should be soft and not too fast. He spent the 10 movements with each leg, and relax, then you still have 1-2 approach.

“The Russian twist”

This difficult exercise involves all the muscles of the body, especially

when the twist tense up the abdominal muscles. In the rest position, sitting on the floor, bend the housing is 45 degrees, knees bent legs, lift and hold the weight. Hands somknite in the block and pull it forward. During the exhale, tighten the abdominal muscles, is interrupted by turning the body, provided the hands away in the direction of movement of the body. Take a short break, then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. It is sufficient to perform 3 series of 10 abdominal abdominal.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen belt

Exercise “cue” is comprised of movements targeted to strengthen the print, slimming the abdomen, hips and back. The belt is essential in a complex exercise of fitness. It is effective for the construction of a flat stomach.

In the standing position on his knees, the palms of the hands against the floor. Pull in the belly, tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly go down on the bent at the elbows, the hands, the elbows are strictly under the shoulder joints. Hold the position for a minute, stretching the muscles of the abdomen. Then or pull to the leg, changing the position in classic, bar, resting on the floor only with the toes of the feet and the palms of the hands. The tummy tuck, the basin upwards not to be distinguished, the body has a similarity with a straight line. Count aloud up to 10, and send the torso forward, with the traction force of the muscle. The exercise, it is recommended to repeat 4-5 times.

Belt with a jump

The year calculated for a total exercise body, weight loss legs, thighs, abdomen.

Starting position — the classic top. Resting on the floor with the hands, in a jump, extends the legs, not stopping, jumping, pinching the legs together. We jumped no less than 5 minutes due to a approach. Can complicate employment, add exercise belt with twists.

exercises for abdominal

Exercises for the abdominal muscles in the foot

There is a lot of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles and weight loss of the belly. Simple exercises such as the slopes are very effective if you need weight loss abdomen and hips.

Slopes can be improved by adding in hand dumbbells or other heavy projectiles.

They also demonstrated the exercises in walk, turns to the left and to the right. When the voltage of the abdominal muscles, the man is on the bent feet to the width of the shoulders, the hands behind the head. In this position, perform twists in different directions. Exercise is effective for weight loss abdomen, of the hips.

These exercises can also be included in the exercises of the morning, with the aim to reduce the waistline and the weight loss of the belly.

In office, you can incorporate these exercises for the lazy, such as the lifting of the legs, sitting on a chair, when the knees attach to the breast, and are in delay of 10-15 seconds. This exercise is also gives you a good result in the lose weight stomach and hips. Be sure to add exercises to the circle.