How to lose weight fast 5 kg in a week at home without dieting: 12 steps

Girls who want to have a slim body, they are divided into 2 categories: the followers of the diet (even more strict) and protest, they want to eat properly. And ' the second category of people will explain how to lose weight fast 5 kg in a week, also to lead a full life, to prepare the usual food at home. And all this without dieting!

If you really lose weight 5-10 kg in a week without diet?

Effective weight loss
  1. Experts argue that yes, relieve the weight you can. But it is necessary to observe the following rules, and also do some sport (even the routine of gymnastics in the morning).
  2. How to lose weight without diet and remove the belly fat can be difficult for beginners, make a power plan, and prepare yourself mentally. In need of a stimulus, that will help you not to fall.
  3. Power supply are excluding all sugar-containing products of fast-food, soft drinks, alcohol. Based form fruit, berries and vegetables, water, lean meat, fish, seafood, legumes, milk, low-fat, and all of which we will discuss below.
  4. If you've ever wondered how it is possible to lose weight in a week up to 10 kg., then you have to make sport. Just so no diet in the house works to get rid hated inches at the waist. The sport is an intense cardio workout, aimed at burning fat.
  5. For quick weight loss you need to combine cardio with a minimum of 4 hours per week), with weights (3 hours / week) workouts. So the duo will lead to a rapid loss of body weight and of formation of relief.

Quick weight loss 5 pounds in a week without diet: 12 steps

Below we will explain how to lose weight fast 5 kg. All of the following rules lead to a result for a week, subject to compliance with the requirements in the house. Lose weight without dieting – this is the reality!

Step no. 1. Drink water

  1. Weight reduction and the cleaning of related concepts. Having contaminated from waste and toxins the body, you will never lose weight. Therefore, drink, drink, and still drink the water!
  2. Every day you need to consume at least 2 liters purified bottled liquid. From the menu completely excluded fruit juices, soft drinks, fresh fruit juices, alcohol.
  3. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice for 45 minutes before a meal. Then the same number of lemon water consumed within 2 hours after a meal. Are the basics. Also, it is not superfluous to the use of the rind of water at room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Many underestimate the water, even if this is the basis of everything. Start the metabolic processes in the body, causes the blood to circulate more strong, cleans up the lymph, kidneys, the liver, the intestine. You forget always of constipation and you will quickly lose weight.
  5. If it is difficult to adhere to the drinking download on your smartphone the application, which reminds of the need to drink.

Step no. 2. To completely eliminate the fast-food

  1. We tell you the above, how to lose weight fast 5 kg. For a week to get rid of excess weight, in the house to sweep away all the snacks, biscuits, candies. Then, without diets, and in PP you will lose decently. Agree with the family, when you have not eaten potato chips and other "bad guys".
  2. There is no need for snacks of pancakes quick cooking or go to fast food. Bring with you as a snack, apples, walnuts, natural yogurt, without additives, ricotta cheese, dried fruit, and other utilities.
  3. From the menu always (and not only for the period of weight loss) retracts fast food, canned foods, cold cuts, meat, other the workpiece and semi-finished products. Step only boiled, stewed.
  4. The bird with the skin, the fatty meat, the fat, all under the ban. Learn the basics of proper nutrition now, because later will be too late. Until you chew, the bad things, the other to saturate the body of valuable products.

Step no. 3. Avoid carbohydrates fast

  1. In this category can be attributed to sugar-containing products, which when it arrives in the body once it is turn into fat in life.
  2. That I need to delete? Potatoes, rice, glazed, white bread, pasta, non-wheat, ice cream, cakes and buns, potato chips, sugar.
  3. Solving, how to lose weight fast 5 kg in a week, remember an important aspect. In the house is enough to reject carbohydrates, fast and all! Weight reduction without diet that you have provided.

Step no. 4. Speed up the metabolism

  1. Your main task is to accelerate all the metabolic processes, the adipose tissue is not deposited. With this purpose, it is possible to buy food Supplements in pharmacies. All are a complement to food, and excellent job with the task.
  2. But for those who are not willing to spend money in the pharmacy supplements, we recommend the list of products requested at the reception. Be careful with lentils, cheese and low fat content (solid and soft variety),-pepper, ginger (you can prepare a miracle-a cocktail), avocado, cinnamon, honey, milk, whole sour milk products.
  3. Fresh fruit and vegetables and fruits of the forest
  4. Necessarily need to eliminate the salt, the bicarbonate of sodium from the diet. They retain water and slow weight loss. In the menu must be present for foods with Omega 3, 6 fatty acids, vitamin D, protein, fibre (fiber).
  5. The basis of the diet (30-40%) must be with fresh fruit and vegetables and berries. Another 50% of them employ a protein-rich food. This is the basics you need to know to start losing weight.
  6. Alternate cardio (like running) with weights (squats with dumbbells) exercises. It's super effective technique. Often to walk, to climb stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  7. Tell you below, how to lose weight fast 5 kg. To reduce weight in a week, drink water. In the apartment you can prepare by adding ginger, lemon, honey, cinnamon, and drinking on an empty stomach. Then, without the diet you cope with the task.
  8. Important! Never skip the breakfast. Woke up, drank a glass of water with lemon, waited 45 minutes and had breakfast. The breakfast is the base that initiates the metabolism better than any what it is.

Step # 5. Stop smoking

  1. Tobacco addiction is the most pernicious habit, which is difficult to give up. Many do not know what to do with the mouth and hands, when to get rid of cigarettes.
  2. Fortunately for you, there is a decision. Electronic cigarette, which is filled with a special fluid. You can buy in any online shop, liquid is also.
  3. Cigarette very slow down the metabolic processes, with the result that fat accumulates and is difficult to if it goes. If you cannot quit smoking, purchase e-mail, start doing more physical exercise, take your body.
  4. Tobacco blocks the blood vessels, leads to apathy and chronic fatigue, pollutes the body of poisons. In these conditions you simply will be difficult to lose weight.

Step no. 6. Breakfast

To understand where how to lose weight fast 5 kg in a week, it is worth to observe simple rules. In the house you will lose weight without any diets, if you do not skip breakfast.

    The breakfast
  1. Studies have shown that prolonged fasting does not help out with unwanted pounds. On the contrary, these actions lead to the development of serious diseases -.
  2. The body begins to work correctly, right at the time of reception of the first breakfast. If you lose, the fat, you can't say goodbye. How to lose weight at home, quickly and easily, you should start with a delicious breakfast. You lose weight without diet.
  3. Studies have confirmed that consumption of foods with a high content of calories at the beginning of the day, it favors the rapid reduction of the total mass of the body. If you take the habit of making breakfast always, is greatly to improve the metabolism.
  4. Making breakfast, it maintains the optimum level of insulin in the blood. Successfully developed day improves performance. Thanks to this soon starts the process of burning calories.
  5. After the awakening, the breakfast gives the body the important nutrients. If you skip a morning meal, the state will be much worse. Successfully developed day will give you more energy for the body and the brain activity.
  6. The breakfast allows you to understand if how to lose weight fast 5 kg in a week. Eating in the morning, you'll be braking as normal weight at home without diet. In addition to this, breakfast helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
  7. Step n ° 7. Eat negative calorie foods

  8. Negative calorie foods require a lot of time for digestion and assimilation.
  9. Because of this, the body has to spend a lot of their calories. As A result, accelerate the metabolism, happens natural weight loss.
  10. Among these products, it is necessary to highlight the zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, celery, cucumbers and lettuce.
  11. Also in the category are lemon, grapefruit, melon, and blueberries. The presented products have a minimum number of calories.

Point no. 8. Eat small portions

  1. The process of weight reduction depends on how many times per day you eat. Make it a habit to eat with the small dishes. Forget supplements.
  2. Per day you should eat 5-6 times. This does not mean that you will be eating more products. This practice allows you to fool your stomach and give you a constant sense of satiety.
  3. So you know how to lose weight fast 5 kg in a week. Eat at home properly. Then without doing diets.

Step n ° 9. Goodnight and sweet dreams

    Healthy sleep
  1. If you sleep in a good hour and a sufficient number of time, health issues and the nervous system does not arise. In the following we will always feel cheerful and energetic. Are there are forces to commit different cases.
  2. The quality of sleep allows the body to fully relax and recover. Thanks to this, during the vigil takes place the burning of excess calories and, as a result, the rapid weight loss. He sleeps about 7-8 hours.

Point no. 10. Change your style of life

  1. Make it a habit to always prepare the food by yourself. Forget fast food and prepared foods.
  2. You'll be able to monitor the amount of calories. To lose weight faster, will not be the useless physical exercises.
  3. If you are a long time to spend in front of the computer or the tv, this promotes the rapid overweight.
  4. Try to to walk. Refrain from lift, and use stairs, furniture or car. Drink more water.

Point no. 11. Do not eat at a later time

  1. So how to quickly lose weight 5 kg in a week is very real, you need to stop eating after a certain time of the day. In the house you start to lose weight without dieting.
  2. To lose weight happened in the most effective way to do a calendar. Sign meals and follow the plan. The result not make you wait long.

Step n ° 12. Avoid stress

    Combat stress
  1. Stop worrying for the excess weight. Try to minimize stress in your work and home environment. Because of frequent experiences of developing serious health problems, including obesity.
  2. If you are faced with an unpleasant situation, listen to your favorite music and calm down. Well, if you are able to practice yoga.
  3. For the opportunity to visit exotic places, peaceful parks, salty or sweet sources. Learn to meditate and breathe deeply. Get enough sleep.

Tune in to the right wave and secure the objective. So how to quickly lose weight 5 kg in a week really, do it for yourself programs. Home eat well and lead an active lifestyle. The result is to throw off the excess weight without a diet.