Watermelon diet

Like other single diets, the watermelon diet is not completely healthy for the human body, which is why its duration does not exceed 5 days. The main positive quality of the watermelon diet is the removal of toxins, toxins, salt and excess water from the body, normalization of metabolism, and no hunger during the diet.

Watermelon diet

Therefore, you try to get the approval of experts, and you firmly decide to use the watermelon diet. First, this means that you will have to eat watermelon all the time (even at night). The fact is that the concentration of urine (causing kidney stones) happens at night. The duration of the watermelon diet is five days. This period is enough to allow salt, excess water, toxins and other unpleasant things to leave your body. In order to get rid of excess weight, five days on a watermelon diet is enough. During the day, you need to eat 1 kg of watermelon for every 10 kg of body weight (that is, if you weigh 70 kg, you need to eat 7 kg of watermelon pulp). It is necessary to listen to your body very carefully, because a single meal is not the best test for your body and is likely to have negative consequences. However, doctors often recommend a watermelon diet to people who suffer from liver disease (gallstone disease, botulism, hepatitis, cirrhosis). In addition, watermelon is also used as a fasting food for obesity, gout and atherosclerosis. Can the excess watermelon weight be eliminated? This product is very effective for weight loss and can also be used in situations of decreased strength and insomnia.

Watermelon diet

If you need to get rid of kidney stones during the watermelon diet, you must follow the recommendations below. For the next five days, the only food will be watermelon and brown bread. So let's get started. At two in the morning (the best time), take a hot bath, sit in it, and start eating watermelon. It is necessary to constantly maintain the temperature of hot water in the morning, as heavy urination may cause pain. If the pain is very severe, take two anti-spasmodic pills and slightly jump up. The toes are lifted and the heels droop suddenly. Then you need to go back to the bathroom. This process must be repeated after two weeks. This process can be repeated 2-3 times throughout the season. Those who have tried this technique agree that the results are unexpected and positive. The fact is that warm water promotes vasodilation, and stones and sand in hot water (if present in the kidneys) are much easier and less painful. Numerous comments on the watermelon diet lead us to assert that watermelon can help you lose weight, up to 8 kg in a week.

How to choose the right watermelon?

To reduce the weight of watermelon, you only need to eat ripe fruit. How to correctly determine its maturity? It is recommended to comply with all hygiene standards when choosing watermelons. It is strictly forbidden to cut fruits when buying, and wash with soap and hot water. These precautions will help you avoid becoming a "lucky owner" of E. coli, which is very common, especially during the striped season. By the way, people with urolithiasis should not lift heavy objects, even if they are watermelons used in their daily diet. After all, physical exercise is one of the most important causes of renal colic. It is recommended to start the diet on an empty stomach, during this period, you only eat 2 kg of watermelon pulp. In this season, if you only schedule one fast day a week, you will feel that you will feel better.

How to lose weight with watermelon

It is important to choose the right watermelon. Ripe watermelon has a rough surface, cracks when squeezed, and makes a dull sound when tapped. If watermelons are grown in accordance with all hygienic regulations and standards, they will not appear on the market until the beginning of the season. Those fruits that are attractive because of their beauty are sold much earlier than the beginning of the season, as a result of various fertilizers and growth stimulants. Therefore, wait a moment and buy high-quality natural products that can get high-quality results from the watermelon diet, which will be safer for your health. The ripening period of watermelon is from the second half of August to the end of September. When storing watermelons, you must also follow the correct method, because striped fruits are classified as perishable. The cut fruit is best kept for no more than 2-3 days. The best option is to eat all the cut watermelon parts on the same day.

How many calories are in watermelon? The calorie content of watermelon is 28 kcal per 100 grams of product. Anyone who loses weight with the help of watermelon knows that during the watermelon diet, you will not feel heavy after a meal. However, during the watermelon diet, there will be no constant hunger, because the amount of food you have to absorb will be very substantial. If you want to constantly monitor your physical condition and look for new and existing weight loss methods-try the watermelon weight loss method from August to September, you will not be disappointed.

Let us list some possible menus for watermelon diet

  • Option 1.You need to eat 1 kg of watermelon pulp for every 10 kg of body weight every day. Throw away the rest of the food, you can eat a slice of watermelon at any time. In addition, the watermelon diet can completely eliminate minerals and carbonated water.
  • Option 2.Black bread and watermelon diet. In this case, it is necessary to stick to the method specified in the first option, but you can eat 2 slices of bread during each meal. This dietary option can be extended to nine days. In order to consolidate the results achieved, it is recommended to eat low-fat foods: vegetables and fruits, cheese, low-fat cheese, cereals, chicken, fish. Try to have dinner no later than 7pm and don't eat anything afterwards. Keep monitoring your diet after the diet-this is the only way to avoid losing weight.

Disadvantages of the watermelon diet

Pros and cons of watermelon diet

For people with congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary system, postoperative adhesions, gastrointestinal diseases or gastric and duodenal ulcers, the watermelon diet is contraindicated. This is why it is sometimes recommended to eat white bread instead of black bread in the watermelon diet. Because black bread helps reduce the effectiveness of the watermelon diet and promotes the oxidation process in the urine. Likewise, you should not use this diet for people with larger kidney stones, this is due to the fact that they can start to come out without being completely dissolved. This condition may cause renal colic. People with chronic bowel disease or the elderly may experience bloating in childhood, and people with diabetes must consider their daily sugar intake.