Energy Diet – functional foods

On the market healthy, sport, nutrition and dietetics recently appeared in the leader — Energy Diet, which is carefully developed a system based on the consumption of concentrates of different flavours. All the products that make up this line of products, stand out for their functionality and balance.

Technical activities — the normalization of metabolism, which leads to weight loss, which then is non-refundable. From questionable dietary supplements for weight loss these colorful jars differ for the fact that it's been a lot of institutes of laboratory tests and obtained the approval of professionals and common people.

What is

To decide to lose weight in an unusual way to begin is to understand if, what was the Energy Diet:

  • complete, balanced from the point of view of the IBU substitute for any meal in the form of dry concentrates, which after dilution the milk become useful and tasty dish;
  • "smart food", that is of problems inside of the body, and directs its strength on their resolution;
  • the program for the conservation of health, energy and maintain a slim figure without exhausting diets and their harmful effects on the body.

The data products are made in France and undergo strict controls of quality with the certificates of compliance — Russian and european.

The confirmation of the quality


On the products energy diet is the marking of the absence of GMI. Have passed the procedure of state registration, have been all kinds of research OJ the INSTITUTE of nutrition and research INSTITUTE of epidemiology and microbiology RAMS.

As it happens slimming? A diet based on the Energy Diet:

  • easily optimize daily calorie intake;
  • provides the body with the necessary amount of vitamins, fibers, minerals;
  • varied, it is not boring and does not cause disgust, as well as includes a wide range of cocktails with different flavors, that you can mix and match between them;
  • thanks subcutaneous and enzymes, promotes digestion healthy;
  • cleanses the intestines from toxins;
  • eliminates toxins;
  • change eating habits;
  • it also improves the health;
  • thanks, a sufficient number of proteins and dietary fiber, gives a lasting feeling of satiety;
  • helps to control desire for food as being harmful.

But the main function is energy diet — the normalization of the metabolism, disorders that often are the cause of obesity. If you are following a weight loss program, developed by manufacturers, it is possible to get good results and to maintain in the future.

General information. Sale AND all over the world the products must meet their laws. For example, in France, has allowed the guarana in the cocktail, while in Russia no. Then, this component in parties to RUSSIA is missing. But the French concentrated its minimum number, and this does not change the taste of the product itself, so that there are no differences you hear.


These concentrates — functional foods, fully corresponding to the requirements of a correct and healthy cooking. Using the data products, lose weight get the optimal amount of amino acids, SOME vitamins, fiber, micronutrients, biologically active substances. In the composition of the cocktail includes a variety of useful components.


Here are the animal proteins (milk) and vegetable (soya and peas). In every cocktail — 18 amino acids that are not synthesized by the human body alone, and includes in it only from food.


The fats in the cocktail energy diet presented soybean oil, which is present in about 30 trace elements. Among them — linoleic acid and vitamin E1, preventing the growth of cancer cells. But animal fats do not have, so the bad cholesterol fear is not necessary.


The carbohydrates are glucose, which is rapidly absorbed; maltodextrin and starch, saturating the body for a long time. Their number is strictly balanced. Their main task is to provide the muscles and the brain power that prevents tiredness and loss of performance in the course of weight loss.


For the cleaning of the intestine and maintain normal bacterial flora of the stomach in the cocktail is present in the fiber. He presented the rubber and inulin of three new teeth.

Royal jelly

This is the literal translation ingredient MEALS, even if our ears familiar with the name of "royal jelly". Their bee feed their are larvae. In the composition of cocktails stabilizes the emotional state, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to external factors, adverse. Thanks to him, the tissues receive more oxygen.

In addition to these ingredients, the product energy diets contain minerals, vitamins (to nourish and tune the metabolism); caribbean cherry (acerol), that nourishes the body with ascorbic acid; the enzyme complex, High Digestibility, promote rapid and complete assimilation of proteins.

However, the composition of each product may differ slightly from this general list. Then studied the box, where everything is prescribed in more detail.

In a note. 1 the bank AND the same:

  • calciferol, as in 3 liters of milk;
  • football, as in a half liter of yogurt;
  • ascorbic acid, as in 300 grams of apples or 500 grams of eggplant;
  • tocopherol, as in 800 g of cottage cheese;
  • niacin, as 2.5 kg of apples / 1 kg rosa canina (dog rose / 120 gr of beef;
  • proteins, as in the 2 eggs, 500 ml of milk 70 gr of beef / 50 grams of cheese;
  • of iron, as in 700 grams of peas / 2 l of apple juice / 200 gr raisins / 600 gr onions / 300 gr chicken.


Cocktail energy diet have on the body strong enough impact, that it is necessary to constantly keep under control. Is not a supplement, which he drank, when he wanted to, and waiting for the weight loss. The power supply system requires a clear below the program. And if your ignore them, the consequences could not be more pleasant.

The products of this line has a lot of warnings of contraindications, which you need to study. These include:

  • disturbed the synthesis of enzymes;
  • enteritis;
  • ulcers in the stomach;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • heart failure;
  • malocclusion of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, the kidneys, the pancreas;
  • acute gastritis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • goiter;
  • to allergy to the components of the cocktail;
  • insomnia;
  • the metabolic syndrome.

For the different products Energy Diet data contraindications can be extended. For example, in a cocktail of Cappuccino and the Coffee contains caffeine and will make you enjoy, which will have a damage to the bodies of children, the elderly, people with increased excitability of bulimia nervosa, patients with hypertension. Then this weight loss system designed east for those who do not have any health problem.

In the presence of any disease (acute and chronic), the authorization for the use of these concentrates need to contact the doctor. Otherwise side effects can occur, between which occur most frequently:

  • tachycardia;
  • the increase of weight, and not its reduction;
  • dizziness;
  • migraine;
  • the increase of pressure;
  • nausea;
  • shortness of breath, etc.

These problems can, if drinking cocktails, haphazardly, ignoring the instructions for their use and contraindications.

Pros and cons

As with any weight loss system, it Energy Diet have learned a lot from this and negatives of the property. Definitely need to consider before purchase, do not spend money for nothing.


  • It is a substitute for 1 meal;
  • can be worn constantly without addiction;
  • a variety of programs;
  • a wide range of tastes;
  • the perfect balance of substances, including the combination of animal and vegetable protein;
  • easy assimilation;
  • the presence of the various certificates of quality and confirms the effectiveness;
  • the control of calories;
  • the formation of correct eating habits;
  • replenish your energy;
  • weight loss without hunger.


  • The high cost (2 200-2 300 € for the bank);
  • the menu, despite the diversity, quickly boring;
  • the complexity of the purchase;
  • obligation to exercise;
  • creepy marketing;
  • chemical additives;
  • the duration of weight loss (at least 3 months).

With all its limits, the energy diet — the ideal solution to the problems of excess weight in conditions of scarcity of time and commitments, when it is time to have a bite to eat. Portion of the concentrate you can take them to work and on the road, to keep the stomach healthy.

Rules for the use

You need to take note of the following tips:

  1. Best to breed concentrated in 1.5% of the milk.
  2. Its temperature must not exceed 60 °C.
  3. For the preparation of the cake is better to take the cold milk. Hot leave it for soups, mashed potatoes, cereals.
  4. 1 scoop = 30 g = 1 serving, diluted in a glass of liquid.
  5. Without exercise, the power will not work. Therefore, to lose weight, you must seriously do some sport.
  6. Protein supplements in energy smoothies for weight loss it is recommended to drink for 2 hours after the load athletic. A well-balanced mixture will form the muscle and not the fat folds.
  7. AND can replace 1 or more meals per day, but not all. In addition to these dried, concentrated, and in the menu should be present in vegetables, fruit, fish, etc.
  8. If after the consumption of Energy Diet drink a glass of water (after 15 minutes), the saturation effect will last longer.
  9. Per day drink at least 1.2, but better — 2 litres of water.
  10. Prepare directly in front of the reception, to eat 1 time.
  11. The concentrates stored at a temperature below 5 °c and not higher than 25 °C.
  12. Package content new of banks is suitable to the food, which is not more than 2 months.

Producers clearly indicated in the instructions for use. But this is only ideally, it is necessary to raise milk. Try out different options and pour the concentrate to other liquids: yogurt, soy milk, vegetable broth, and water. It is not prohibited.

The product line

Energy diets is striking for its diversity. Here we are sugar, sweet and very salty, hot soups, polenta, mashed potatoes, omelette, bread and many other products. More "daytime" — vanilla, banana, coffee, chocolate, cappuccino, chicken, and mushrooms. The system of power not forbidden to mix different products — mushrooms with chicken, strawberries with vanilla, etc

Here's what you can choose from their wide range of products.

Cocktail Energy Diet Smart:

  • strawberry;
  • banana;
  • vanilla;
  • cappuccino;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • raspberry;
  • red fruits.


  • the tomato;
  • mushrooms;
  • vegetables;
  • chicken;
  • peas with smoked meat.

The other concentrates:

  • oatmeal;
  • mashed potatoes (in the spring-the sea, the sun-burgundy);
  • pasta (berries and tomato vegetables);
  • the bread;
  • omelet;
  • the dessert (crema catalana with caramel).

Sports bars:

  • walnut;
  • vanilla;
  • caramel;
  • pineapple;
  • lemon;
  • fruit cactus;
  • the mango and papaya.

The most popular cocktail of energy energy diet smart, but this brand is in the range of a drink tea Enerwood Tea (13 varieties). This spa complex of herbs of the Altai.

Weight loss program

the launch program

To lose weight products energy diet, will have to pass three stages of the program: Start — Anchor — Control.

The beginning

The Start — program the first stage, which gives the body a boost to the weight loss. Changes in the eating habits end up to burn fat. Lasts 3 days, if I have to lose up to 10 kg; 5 — if more. Suggests consumption of no more than 1 500 calories per day.

Top recommended power: 5 meals / day + 400 grams of vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, beets, lettuce, pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, soybeans, green beans, radishes, turnips, radishes, peppers. They can be eaten raw, boil, or bake, prepare their salads. In the kitchen you can add, mixing it with the greens.


The second phase increases calorie daily food, but don't worry, the weight will continue to decrease. In the menu are to be introduced to new products. This program of loss of weight in 25 days. If in the end the weight is still left in excess, it is necessary to go back still in a phase of Start. In the third stage, the weight should be normal.

Provisional programme of power supply: power consumption mixtures of energy diets — 2 times per day. Other meals — regular food. Are added to the protein-rich foods. Allowed to eat one thing from the list 1 time per day in the amounts given:

  • 2 egg whites (cooked);
  • lean meat (100 gr.);
  • poultry without skin (150 g);
  • cheese low-fat (100 g);
  • ricotta cheese low-fat (150 g);
  • fish, boiled lean fish (150 gr).
the rescue program


In the course of this stage, you should learn not to eat too much and choose the food only useful products. Duration: 1 month per lost a pound. Concentrate used once a day — in the evening. Added:

  • carbohydrates: pasta, beans, lentils, wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal and buckwheat cereal;
  • 300 grams of fruit per day: kiwis, apricots, bananas, citrus fruits, pears, watermelon, peaches, pineapple;
  • 300 grams of berries as an alternative to fruit.


For every concentrated energy diets are similar, but still shades of different recipes. Try to follow the general scheme for the preparation thereof, to not only enjoy their taste, but also to get the maximum results.

Cocktail of energy

Fill the measuring cup concentrate to a glass of warm milk, intense beat in a shaker.


Option 1. Fill the measuring cup concentrate to a glass of warm milk, intense beat in a shaker.

Option 2. Fill the measuring cup concentrate to a glass of cold milk, intense beat in a shaker. Heat in microwave 1.5 minutes


Option 1. Fill the measuring cup concentrate to a glass of cold milk, intense beat in a shaker. Heat in the microwave 2 minutes

Option 2. Fill the measuring cup concentrate to a glass of cold milk, intense beat in a shaker. Pour in a pan, fry until cooked.


the control program

Mix 7 tablespoons of the dry mix with 5 dimensional spoons of clean water. Knead, form into a loaf of bread. Put in a bowl, put it in the microwave with a glass half full of water. Expose 750 W, cook for 5 minutes If you want to get a crusty bread, fry in a toaster.


Pour the 3-dimensional tablespoons of cold water in a cup. Slowly pour 1 sachet of pasta-energy diets, and stir thoroughly. With the bread.


Pour a scoop of powder in a glass of warm milk, intense shake well, pour into a dish. Put in the oven at 200 W and 2 minutes, Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes before enter into the possession of the consumer, sprinkled with caramel.

Mashed potatoes

Pour the contents of 1 sachet of mashed potatoes, cold milk, intense beat until smooth. Heat in the microwave 2.5 minutes, stir Well, let stand 2 minutes


Option 1. Pour the contents of 1 packet of cereals and 150 ml of milk at room temperature, carefully break the lumps formed. Heat in the microwave 3 minutes, stir Well, let stand 3 minutes

Option 2. Mix in a shaker 1 sachet of concentrate with 150 ml of almost boiling milk. Lumps well to break the mixture and mix thoroughly. Let it sit a couple of minutes.

Questions and answers

How to take?

At follow developed a weight loss program of 3 phases.

How to raise a cocktail?

The measuring spoon, which there are in each bank, which is 30 grams of product = 1 portion. In order to dilute the cocktail, it is necessary to mix a scoop of dry concentrate with a glass of milk, intensely slamming into a closed container (shaker perfect for this).

Helps you lose weight?

If the problem of excess weight, in fact, is this, yes, the respect of the program allows you to get rid of the ballast. But if you continue to drink beer, eat chips, Energy Diet does not help.

If it can be diluted with water?

Yes, but the taste can disappoint. The milk is the liquid that is ideal for the breeding of the concentrate.

What are the results of loss of weight?

Someone has the first results are visible already after the first week of using these products. In advanced cases require 3 months. So everything is very subjective. On average, in a week you can lose 3-4 kg.

What is the calorie content of a portion?

200 kcal.

How does it work?

Regular consumption of cocktails energy diet optimize the caloric content of food, provides the body with vitamins and other beneficial substances, promotes digestion, eliminates waste products and toxins, improves mood, fast to saturated, it discourages cravings for harmful products.

Because of the lack of banks Energy Diet?

A bank contains 450 grams of concentrate, which is enough for 15 meals. If you start with a Launch program for 5 days, 1 packing in this period is not enough. A diet for this system will have to shell out 3-8 cans of different flavors.

Judging by the results of studies and a large number of positive reviews, the system actually works, unlike the miraculous "pills" of dubious quality. But for weight loss it is necessary to consider all the negative sides, the contraindications, and the cost of such products. Only the strict adherence to the program can guarantee the results.